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Video: Modern Warfare 3 Unwrapped

Unwrapped is back from hiatus with the game that will probably top every sales chart for the year. I’ve already finished the campaign, but here you can take a look at the very first mission set in New York City. Overall, I felt the campaign was much stronger than Modern Warfare 2, and eventually I’ll have a review up! […]

Video: Dead Island Unwrapped

In this episode of Unwrapped, I take a look at the 1st person melee zombie survival game known as Dead Island. This game comes from European developer Deep Silver, and features one of the weirder intros I’ve seen in a while. This video took a while to get up because of an annoying audio sync issue. The game drops frames like crazy, and Adobe Premiere would have nothing to do with that. I came up with a workaround and now you can enjoy! […]

Video: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Unwrapped

In this episode of Unwrapped, I take a look at the first 20 minutes of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, a new Xbox Live Arcade title. It combines elements of a Metroidvania game with multi-directional shooting. The result is a game that has a unique look and feel. […]

Video: From Dust Unwrapped

In this episode of Unwrapped, I take a look at the first twenty minutes of From Dust, a new God game for Xbox Live Arcade. Watch me reshape the earth and bucket around some water.

This has been up on my YouTube channel since Wednesday, but I forgot to post about it here until just now. The review of From Dust will be up later today. In the mean time, enjoy this video. […]

Video: Bastion Unwrapped

For this week’s Game Canary Unwrapped, I take a look at Bastion, an Xbox Live Arcade action RPG from new developer Supergiant Games. It has a gorgeous art style, and gameplay that’s reminiscent of classic SNES action RPGs like The Secret of Mana. It’s unique feature, however, is the dynamic narrator that accompanies you on the journey.

So far, I’m enjoying the game, which happens to be the first Summer of Arcade title this year. I think I’m on pace to have the review up on time this Friday, so be sure to check back then. […]

Video: Ms. Splosion Man Unwrapped

In this episode of Unwrapped, I look at the first 25 minutes of Ms. Splosion Man, Twisted Pixel’s platforming sequel to Splosion Man. Bear in mind that I haven’t played the original game, so it takes me a little while to figure out some basic things! The first few levels are fairly easy, but it very quickly gets challenging.

This video would have been up last night, but Youtube conspired against me and two failed uploads later, here it is. The review of Ms. Splosion Man should hopefully be up tomorrow. […]

Video: Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Unwrapped

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by fighting for freedom and killing lots of insects? That’s what D3 Publisher thinks at least, with Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, the sequel to the 2007 cult budget title. It was supposed to come out on Tuesday, but some places are already selling it, so this video is a special holiday gift.

In this episode of Unwrapped, we take a nice and long thirty minute look at this Xbox 360/PS3 title. Hopefully, this video gives you something to do in between grilling those burgers. I only hope your city’s fireworks show wasn’t cancelled due to budgetary concerns. […]

Video: Puzzle Agent 2 Unwrapped

In this episode of Game Canary Unwrapped, I take a look at Telltale Game’s Puzzle Agent 2, a puzzle/adventure game in the vein of Professor Layton. Puzzle Agent 2 was just released today on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Keep an eye out for the full review of the game some time Friday, assuming I can finish the game in time. […]

Video: Shadows of the Damned Unwrapped

Unwrapped is a Game Canary video series where I’ll take a look at the first 15-30 minutes of a game. The commentary is all recorded at the same time as my initial play of the game, so they are honest first impressions. Time permitting, there will be an episode of Unwrapped for most games I ultimately review on the site. There is no set day on when these videos will be up; I’ll try to post them as close to the release date as possible.

In the inaugural episode, I take a look at Shadows of the Damned from Grasshopper Manufacture.